The right to privacy in the digital age

In its resolution 68/167, the General Assembly requested the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to submit a report on the protection and promotion of the right to priv acy in the context of domestic and extraterritorial surveillance and/or the interception of digital communications and the collection of personal data, including on a mass scale, to the Human Rights Council at its twenty - seventh session and to the General Assembly at its sixty - ninth session, with views and recommendations, to be considered by Member States. The present report is submitted pursuant to that request. The Office of the High Commission er will also submit the report to the General Assembly at its sixty - ninth session, pursuant...

Unione Europea: Fermare i migranti con la missione militare

Ai seguente link è possibile consultare i due protocolli riservati dell'Unione Europea che delineano la strategia per la missione in Libia: 1) Eu Defence Chiefs Approved Plan For Military Intervention Against " Refugee Boats" in Libya and The Mediterranean 2) Eu Politico - Military Group Advince On The Military Intervention Against " Refugee Boats" in Libya and The Southern Central Mediterranean

Rule of Law vs Reason of State: written proceedings of the Brussels Conference

For a Federalist and Democratic Rule of Law and Human Rights against the Reason of State. Written proceedings of the meeting organized by the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty, No Peace Without Justice and Hands Off Cain at the European Parliament and European Commission on 18-19 February 2014. [Click the cover to start download]

David Owen's open letter to David Cameron

On 18 November, Lord Owen has sent an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron following a correspondence between Sir John Chilcot and the Prime Minister himself in which Chilcot stigmatized the resistance by the government to block the relesae of several documents relating to conversations between George Bush and Tony Blair , dating back to the months and weeks before the war in Iraq in 2003. While highlighting a serious conflict of interest which is likely to affect the credibility of the Chilcot Inquiry, involving in particular the man who should make the final decision on whether to publish the documents, Lord Owen puts forward a possible solution. Lord Owen served as Foreign Secretary (1977-1979) under the Labour Government...

A classified CIA mea culpa on Iraq

In this exclusive from the National Security Archive, a secret agency report on its WMD failures is published for the first time. This remarkable CIA mea culpa , just declassified this summer and published here for the first time, describes the U.S. intelligence failure on Iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction as the consequence of "analytic liabilities" and predispositions that kept analysts from seeing the issue "through an Iraqi prism." The key findings presented in the first page-and-a-half (the only part most policymakers would read) are released almost in full, while the body of the document looks more like Swiss cheese from the many redactions of codewords, sources, and intelligence reports that remain classified even today, seven years after the...

Iraq: the terrible state murder of Abed Hamid Hamoud

On 10 June 2012, the Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), an independent research and media organization based in Montreal, reported on its website at that “shocking details have emerged from an impeccable source (not named for obvious reasons)” of the execution on 7 June, in Baghdad, of Abed Hamid Hamoud , President Saddam Hussein’s former personal secretary and aide. Hamoud was sentenced to death in October 2010 with former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tareq Aziz and former intelligence chief Sadoun Shakir, heightening fears for their imminent execution. “What you have not heard”, states the commentator, “is that (Mr Hamoud) was led to his execution whilst under the impression that he was going for a medical check-up...

Pannella, Perduca and Angioli write to all British MPs and Lords

Dear colleagues, We are sure that what published on November 16th on the website of the Iraq Inquiry and duly reported by the Guardian the same day did no escape your attention. We believe that as legislators you will agree that what denounced by Sir Chilcot poses serious doubts on the quality of the final report that the Inquiry is mandated to produce, but also raises serious questions on how Parliament was involved in the launching of the military campaing against Iraq. Regardless of our opinions concerning the need to change a regime, in the case of Saddam Hussein there were hundreds of reasons to put him in the dock for crimes against humanity and persecutions of all sorts. We...

The cablegrams by Wikileaks on the exile of Saddam Hussein

The freshly released cablogrammes by Wikileaks contain some information over the likelihood to have Saddam Hussein going into exile. Here's a list of the most interesting ones amongst those disclosed so far. 4 January 2003 Al-Bayan newspaper 4 February 2003 Meeting in Rome between Prime minister Berlusconi and Lybian ambassador Mr. Shalgam 6 February 2003 Berlusconi supports Powell's 5 february presentation at the UN, as well as peaceful alternatives 14 February 2003 Tarek Aziz in Rome 19 February 2003 Common position Arab countries should take in view of the 1 March meeting of the Arab League 20 February 2003 Role of the Vatican 20 February 2003 Evaluation of the parliamentary motion passed by the Italian parliament on 19/2/2003 2 March...