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Caso Lo Porto: il diritto alla conoscenza vale anche per voi, cari amici americani

Autore: Valter Vecellio Fonte: http://notizie.radicali.it/ Si può, da “Amerikani” riconoscenti per quanto quel paese ha saputo e voluto fare; da ammiratori di quel sistema che discende dai “Federalist papers” di Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay; da consapevoli delle opportunità (certo, sudate e strappate con le unghie e con i denti) che questo paese ha voluto e potuto dare a tanti europei; grati a quelle migliaia di giovani americani che sono venuti a morire in Italia e in Europa, per la nostra libertà e il nostro benessere; si può, dicevo, pensare che non piace per nulla quello che è accaduto nell’“affaire” Giovanni Lo Porto? Non è in discussione la responsabilità della sua morte e di Warren Weinstein. Certo: i maggiori...

Llwyd: the conflict of interests undermining the Chilcot Inquiry

On June 26 Marco Pannella and Matteo Angioli met Elfyn Llwyd MP at the House of Commons in London. The leader of the Welsh independence party Plaid Cymru was one of the MPs who signed a motion back in 2004 asking for the impeachment of Tony Blair for the UK involvement in the war in Iraq. The petition got 285 votes in favor. The Rt Hon Llwyd explained the reasons that led him to declare that the Chilcot Inquiry contains by a major conflict of interest. Aside from the fact that the members of the Inquiry have not been given any official legal assistance, the Inquiry is assisted by a secretariat headed by Margaret Aldred, who previously was a collaborator...

Fruitful conference in Brussels on Reason of State, starting from Iraq 2003

In Iraq, February ended with its increasingly heavy and tragic load of blood. According to Iraq Body Count 930 people were killed in the 28 days of February , and over 2,000 since the beginning of 2014 . As we write, armed militants stormed the municipal Council and the Court of the northern city of Samarra, taking several employees as hostages. In the UK, where the final report of the Chilcot Inquiry is expected by mid-2014, Tony Blair is under attack for his role in the phone-hacking scandal, which involved the journal News of the World , and in the negotiations that resulted in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland. In the first case, Blair offered his help,...

Iraq Inquiry: getting there?

Almost five years since its inception, the Iraq Inquiry led by Sir John Chilcot seems to have found its way to the conclusive phase with the publication of its final report due in mid-2014. The gridlock which stalled the Inquiry for years has been sorted out by a compromise agreement between Chilcot and the Cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood . The latter, instructed by David Cameron , in turn “instructed” by Blair, had been resisting calls for the publication, within the final report, of the correspondence between Tony Blair and George Bush in the months before the war. Extracts of the correspondence are expected to be published in the report in redacted form. When the Chilcot Report will be out,...

Remarks on the unclear Palestinian Economic Initiative

There is no doubt : "As long as the economic development prospects remain weak , so too will the prospects for peace and stability" the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told the World Economic Forum held in Jordan in May last year talking about the resumption of the peace process in the Middle East. TIt's lamentable though that the proposal brought forward by an unidentified group of private consultants, cherry-picked and coordinated by the Representative of the Quartet on the Middle East Tony Blair is simply inadequate to translate this objective into initiatives that can realistically have a chance to prove successful, to the given conditions. The package of measures called " Palestinian Economic Initiative " still under consideration...

Iraq Inquiry officially stalled

We know that the Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot , set up in the summer of 2009 to establish the truth on the circumstances in which the Blair Government ensured the participation of the UK in the war in Iraq, has been delayed three times in reaching the final phase of its findings, namely the publication of the final report. The statement posted on the website of the Inquiry on 5 November contains a new important feature. In previous announcements, Sir John indicated a deadline, albeit hypothetical. Not this time, as he admitted that given the circumstances the Inquiry is not able to continue its work and, remarkably, that "it is regrettable that the Government and the Inquiry have...

What Iraq and how many victims ten years after Saddam

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October has ended claiming over 1000 lives (1095) in suicide bombings, explosions and shootings. The macabre November toll has already reached 89. October 5 was the bloodiest day, as according to the organization Iraq Body Count (IBC) , 100 civilians died, 55 in Baghdad alone. On 23 and 27 October casualties were 74 for each day. IBC calculated 122,438 civilian documented deaths from 2003 until today (only 8,647 have been identified so far). Last month, the scientific journal PLOS (Public Library of Science) published the findings of a research carried out by a group of seven researchers, from the US, Canada and Iraq. The objective of the study was to determine the number of civilians who lost their lives in...

Tony Blair: "Gandhi doctrine of non-violence is passé"

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On October 7th, Tony Blair said that Mahatma Gandhi 's doctrine of non-violence is not universal in modern times. Speaking in an interview to Times of India, Blair said: " Gandhi 's philosophy can not be applied universally in the modern times" and on the Syrian crisis he said that "intervention can be uncertain, expensive and bloody but history has taught us that inaction can merely postpone the reckoning" . Gandhi 's doctrine cannot hold true in all situations. "Gandhi 's doctrine of non-violence can work in some situations but not all in present times" , Blair explained.

Tony Blair advises Albania pro bono or pro domo?

In a ceremony in Tirana on 3 October last, former British Premier Tony Blair announced that he will be “helping Albania getting things to done to join the European Union”. Albanian Prime Minster Edi Rama stressed that Blair's advice will be "personally, totally and voluntarily". A spokesman for Mr. Blair immediately stressed that Tony Blair and his team “will provide advice at no cost to the Albanian government on how to modernise and implement a reform agenda.” Now, it is possible that Albania will need some capacity building effort in order to finally join the EU: laws need to be adapted, policies will need to be changed, transparency and accountability will need to be implemented. Are we sure that Mr...

Syria, Iraq, the United Kingdom and the Chilcot inquiry delayed again

As the United States and France are taking time in the preparation of a possible military attack in Syria, the House of Commons in Westminster rejected the intervention with 285 votes against 272 . In some way this result is the heritage of a Labour Party different from Tony Blair 's one. The voting result is probably due to the work of former British Foreign Affairs Minister, the late Robin Cook , whose steadfastness led to the vote in the House before military conflict. Cook, contrary to the 2003 war, resigned from office with a memorable speech in Parliament only a few days before the start of the Iraqi conflict. Contrary to the war at this moment, next to Emma...