Le Monde: "A painful rebirth for Baghdad"

Sun, 04/14/2013

Le Monde published today a report by envoy Christophe Ayad on Bagdad ten years after the military intervention by Bush and Blair. Ayad was in the Iraqi capital city in the early stages of the attack of March 20, 2003. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the fall of Saddam, April 9, 2003 (Baghdad has not celebrated this anniversary), Ayad collected evidence of several inhabitants assorted confession, ethnicity and age. Their opinions are all very critical of the current situation and on the way the post-war stage was poorly planned. It is mainly for this reason that the revival of Baghdad and of Iraq will take a very very long and treacherous. Here are two examples proposed by Ayad.

The first is by Shiite sheikh Al-Jabri: "Nothing has changed since 2003, except the freedom to worship our religion and pray. We are in the hands of a regime subservient to the United States, where youth unemployment is chronic and where politicians are busy making money."

The second is by Thaer, taxi-driver: "Life is much harder than before. Of course, we did not have freedom, but at least we had a decent life. People had a job, we ate when we were hungry, we could go out without locking our homes and without fear of being attacked [...] what would I want freedom if I can't change anything in my life? Freedom is a means, not an end. We have freedom, but not a true democracy."


Press Review
Le Monde pubblica oggi un reportage dell'inviato Christophe Ayad sulla Bagdad a dieci anni di distanza dall'intervento militare voluto da Bush e Blair. Ayad si trovava nella capitale irachena prima e durante le fasi iniziali dell'attacco del 20 marzo 2003.