Llwyd: the conflict of interests undermining the Chilcot Inquiry

Llwyd: the conflict of interests undermining the Chilcot Inquiry

Matteo Angioli
Membro del Consiglio Generale del Partito Radicale
Tue, 12/23/2014

On June 26 Marco Pannella and Matteo Angioli met Elfyn Llwyd MP at the House of Commons in London. The leader of the Welsh independence party Plaid Cymru was one of the MPs who signed a motion back in 2004 asking for the impeachment of Tony Blair for the UK involvement in the war in Iraq. The petition got 285 votes in favor.

The Rt Hon Llwyd explained the reasons that led him to declare that the Chilcot Inquiry contains by a major conflict of interest. Aside from the fact that the members of the Inquiry have not been given any official legal assistance, the Inquiry is assisted by a secretariat headed by Margaret Aldred, who previously was a collaborator of Sir Gus O'Donnell, the former Cabinet Secretary of Tony Blair. Mrs Aldred is supposed to help Sir Gus O'Donnell release - and not withold as he is doing - documents to the Inquiry, concernign Tony Blair. The latter might be the cause for the delay in the publication. Probably David Cameron too.

The interview is availabel on Radio Radicale


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Il 26 giugno Marco Pannella e Matteo Angioli hanno incontrato alla Camera dei Comuni a Londra Elfyn Llwyd, leader del partito indipendentista gallese Plaid Cymru. E' stato uno dei parlamentari che nel 2004 presentò una mozione per chiedere l'impeachment di Tony Blair per il  coinvolgimento del Regno Unito nella guerra in Iraq, ottenendo 285 voti favorevoli.